Ariel's face

Ariel received a BA in English from Kenyon College in 2000, worked for Hewlett Packard for 5 years, then decided to pursue a creative dream: telling stories and making games! She dove back into the academic realm and received a MA from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Interactive Design and Game Development in 2008. She has been a world designer and maker of stories since childhood, which led naturally to tabletop roleplaying games and becoming a Dungeon Master (think interactive storyteller with heavy audience participation, if you've never played) for friends in her spare time since 2000.

She is tremendously excited about turning those passions toward designing entertaining experiences for a wider audience than just her personal friends. Entertainment is an important part of life; it refreshes the mind and stirs both emotion and imagination. Ariel firmly believes that playing games improves quality of life and dexterity of mind for everyone. Humans have been playing games and telling stories for a very long time, and the digital realm is just the newest way for humans to express and enjoy themselves.

Ariel is a member of WIGI (Women In Games International), the IGDA (the International Game Developers Association), and had the pleasure of being an Omeganaut at PAX 2007, during which she learned the true depths of terror from an intense hour and a half of five-person Jenga. She continued providing entertainment at PAX as a live game attendant for Lone Shark Games in 2008 and will return in 2009-- feel free to say hello! She volunteered as a CA (Conference Associate) at Austin GDC in September 2008 and at GDC San Francisco in March 2009.

Other unusual jobs and hobbies: Ariel worked as a puppeteer for several years, assisted with puppet and set building, and performed in a puppetry production of Neil Gaiman's The White Road at World Horror Con in Atlanta in 1999.

Ariel can be reached at